The Bee Tree:


Angels in Flight II:
Daily Inspirations

Jacobs Ladder

And he dreamed

and behold, there

was a ladder set up

on the earth, and

the top of it

reached to Heaven.

And behold, the

Angels of God were

ascending and

descending on it!

Genesis 28:12

Wymans Creek:


How do you see me Inside Out?
HE sees me as Beautiful!

Im on a Journey called Life. I have been through a lot on this Journey. Even having a near-Death experience in March of 2009, when I fell and knew I could have died instantly. I told God, not asked HIM, “God, if you want me to come home, I am ready, but if you still have work for me to do, I am willing to stay.”

I guess I still have work to do because I am still here. It has not been easy, and some days I wished I would have gone Home to be with HIM and my Mother and daughter and all my pets. I know they are all in Heaven, and I will see them again someday. For now, I am working toward all the Promises and the Destiny that He has for me.

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